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We believe in imagination that is driven by information.

At McDay, we listen with both our right and left brains as we help you uncover strategic objectives. Our team members have technical backgrounds as well as a strong creative side: a combination critical to our mission. We endeavor to understand core technical information and transform it memorably, enabling a meaningful connection between you and your customers.

Strategic Planning

At McDay we believe that a thorough understanding of your products and services is essential. However, we place an even greater emphasis on knowing your customers. Only by addressing the needs of the customer can marketing communications hope to be effective.


We start by truly understanding the needs of the audience, today and tomorrow. We evaluate market dynamics and trends. We look at competitive threats and positioning. We identify where you can win. From there we develop a cohesive marketing strategy and a plan. One that is integrated and measurable. Yes, we ask a lot of questions, then we immerse ourselves in your business. 

Public Relations

Imagine a world where in one year, dozens of articles about your company’s business and services appear, across a variety of business and trade press. Interviews with your CEO, roundtable discussions that include your CSO, plus presentation opportunities at major events, and technically-oriented articles appearing in trade publications around the industry, authored by you, but written by McDay science writers. It is a reality for our clients.


McDay public relations efforts go well beyond press release distribution. While press releases are important, we strive to ensure a steady drum beat of news on your products and or services through being proactive and strategic. Over the years, we’ve become a trusted resource to a large editorial community in the  pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, engineering and construction and business media. These close editorial relationships can yield timely and strategic news coverage. In 2019, our placement rate was over 92% for stories pitched and accepted as articles for our clients.


At McDay, we speak, and write your customer’s language. We offer full-service content marketing services that specializes in developing content of a more technical nature. Scientists and engineers often want that shortcut that comes from speaking with others that understand the tech-speak: the language, regulatory necessities and processes that inhabit the laboratory and manufacturing floor. We feel strongly that knowing how your customers think gives us a distinct advantage in helping design memorable and relatable content.


We offer a turnkey experience — including industry insight, messaging strategy, hours of listening and competitive research that informs the content we produce for you. Technical content deliverables range from custom digital, media, social, mobile and technical article content for use on websites, in public relations efforts, social media, blogs, to brochures, digests, direct mail and for all your marketing automation programs. 

Creative Services

At McDay, our work is as much logical as it is creative. It fully embodies the nuances of science and technology with inspiring and thought-provoking creative. Whether it’s print, digital or video, from conception to execution, our full-service team of award-winning copywriters and graphic designers deliver solutions that harness the power of our technical know-how. We’ve lived in your shoes. We have a great sense of what works and what doesn’t, creatively. Our innovative production resources and custom creative is designed to integrate with digital, video and social activations.


We know what makes engineers and scientists click, over and over again. Connecting with the world of “left-brains” takes a unique approach. One that is dynamic and attuned with the technical buyer’s journey. Fortunately, we were those buyers and we know what content is important and at what time. Digital design coupled with marketing automation tools allows us to connect and communicate with your customers, in real-time.

Market Research

While we appreciate intuition, we believe actual market research is critical in running a sustainable and scalable business. From identifying new product or market opportunities, to gauging customer satisfaction, we help organizations get the data they need to elevate their business. Through a mix of primary and secondary research, leveraging both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we glean valuable insight from patients, physicians, surgeons, scientists, engineers, lab directors, and executives, all around the world.